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Offering shrink wrap solutions in San Diego and nation-wide!

How It Works

Olympic Shrink Wrap provides custom designed covers

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Weather & Sun Protection

Keep your assets covered with waterproof and 100% UV protected material.

Theft Deterrent

Shrink Wrap can be completely sealed around entire perimeters and buildings.

Olympic Shrink Wrap - Heat Gun

Transport Protection

Protect your clients products during open road/sea transport.

Construction Enclosure

It creates a weatherproof enclosure enabling workers to continue construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Come to You

Olympic Shrink Wrap is a mobile service. Our professional staff will come to your location for any size or type of job.

Complete Protection

Shrink Wrap is waterproof, UV protected, 100% recyclable and can be sealed around entire perimeters and buildings.


Our covers can be ventilated to minimize trapped moisture and mildew as well as allowing fumes and odors to escape.

Easy to Access

Olympic Shrink Wrap offers zipper access doors for access into the cover without cutting or tearing the shrink wrap.

Use Shrink Wrap to Protect and Preserve!

We provide the best shrink wrap product to keep your property dry and safe. Shrink wrap provides an affordable alternative to flimsy tarps and fabric covers. Rest assured that wind, rain and harmful UV rays won’t damage your property.

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